Will begin after all regular classes have ended. Saturday only.

Entry fee: $5.00 per game.

Prizes: Club keeps 40% of entry fees, the remainder for each class is divided among the 4 placements – First 50%, second 25%, third 15%, fourth 10%.


Scoring: Faster time with fewest mistakes wins. 5 points per knocked bar or any other mistake.

4 Leaf Clover – timed event. Enter and exit through "gate (2 posts)", time begins and ends at gate. 12 jumps total, 3 jumps representing each leaf. Must successfully clear all jumps in each leaf. Can take any path, but the jumps in each leaf must be completed together.

Tag Team – "1 Dog, 1 course, 2 handlers". A standard course will be used and the handlers will determine who begins the course and who will wait at the half-way point to finish the course with the dog. Handlers can use a toy as a baton, but must pass some kind of baton when switching off mid-course. Jumps and Tunnels – Must clear all jumps and go through all tunnels. Create your own path but must alternate jumps and tunnels. Start and exit lines are the same.

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